luni, 5 ianuarie 2015

forever human

"My house was burning and people just stood watching. And no one would even move to try to stop the fire. For them it was just a spectacle. And only she did not stand aloof. She tried to save my house, but the people didn't see her. If they could see her, they might have tried to do something. Only she was trying to save my house. The fire was devouring everything. It was raging with such a malice as if it was taking revenge on me. It raged with an increasing vigor, not suspecting that it is not everlasting, either. It burned as long as there was something to burn. And when it went out, only black coals and ashes remained from its recent power. Yes, the power and greatness of fire was illusory. And only she, the child of heaven, is not illusory. Only she doesn't change, forever beautiful, foreever sublime, and forever human."

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